Past and future events


Upcoming Seminars

This will be a good winter for Aikido in Newfoundland. January 22-23, the Aikido Institute of Newfoundland will be hosting a seminar with Claude Berthiaume Shihan (Aikido de la Montagne, Montreal). Then March 12-13, Fudoshin Aikikai will host the 5th Annual Graham Burt Seminar, with special guest instructor Donovan Waite Shihan (Aikido Centre City, Philadelphia).

Nakamura Seminar

From March 20-21, MUN Aikido again hosted Y. Nakamura Sensei of Aikido Tendokai in Toronto for a weekend training seminar. Thanks to Sensei for her superb teaching and the Aikido Institute of Newfoundland and Fudoshin Aikikai for their support. Also congratulations to Tak on a very nice 2nd kyu test.

Graham Burt IV

This Saturday Fudoshin organized another excellent seminar in memory of Graham Burt who first brought Aikido to Newfoundland.