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Ocean Sciences Centre Lab PhotoOur Aquatic Health Services provide clients with access to comprehensive research capabilities of experienced fish health technicians and research assistants skilled in tissue sample processing and analysis,  hematological services, broodstock selection and management, hatchery management and live feed production.


  • Our researchers are experienced in conducting necropsies of fish and shellfish, and skilled in the collection of samples for parasitology, bacteriology, virology, histology and hematology


  • Tissue sample processing with automatic tissue processor, paraffin embedding station, cooling plates and microtomes 
  • Histological samples once prepared are ready for mounting and staining for microscopic analysis 


  • Non-lethal blood collection
  • Blood smear production
  • Staining of blood smears and subsequent analysis
  • Blood parasite screening

Broodstock Selection

Control and manipulation of the reproductive cycle of various fish species. Research and development address challenges related to:

  • Stock selection
  • Paired mating
  • Fish health and nutrition
  • Photo period manipulation
  • Egg quality
  • Tank design

Hatchery, First Feeding and On-growing

  • Research and development studies are conducted on larval and juvenile production for species such as: Atlantic cod, Atlantic halibut and yellowtail flounder. 

Live Feed Production

  • Various species of algae are cultured, creating "green" water for larvae culture and bivalve feeding
  • Starter cultures of many species are available including rotifiers and decapsulated Artemia
  • Rotifers
    • Are grown in a combination of fresh and seawater (brackish water)
    • Daily production capacity of up to two billion enriched rotifers
  • Decapsulated Artemia
    • Are primarily used as a live feed for developing larvae and juvenile fish
    • One million to 100's of millions of Artemia are available
    • Artemia nutrition is improved through the addition of various commercial products