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Information Management Committee (IMC)


The Information Management Committee (IMC) serves as one element of the overall IT governance at Memorial University. The IMC’s role is to provide a broad, campus-wide or “Enterprise” view of the Information Technology Applications Architecture and Technical Infrastructure to align these with Memorial’s Strategic Plan.

The IMC advises the President on these items and on matters relating to IT budgets.

The IMC also administers the Information Technology Approval Policy.

Under this policy all proponents of IT projects are encouraged to discuss these projects with the IMC; however, larger projects which have a 5 year cost of ownership greater than $100,000 and less than $500,000 must be presented to the IMC for informational purposes. Projects with a five year cost of ownership greater than $500,000 must be approved by the IMC.


The IMC has the following general responsibilities:

  1. Participate in the development of an Information Systems Strategic Plan and use the plan as a guide for all decision making.
  2. Provide input to the President on the guiding principles through which IT investments are made and IT is used at Memorial.
  3. Recommend investment priorities to the President.
  4. Approve, monitor and manage enterprise level business applications development or acquisition projects.
  5. Approve and monitor an IT security regime (policies and procedures) for Memorial.
  6. Approve an IT Architecture for Memorial as developed either by the IT Community or as established through the Information Systems Strategic Plan with consultation with Memorial’s IT community.
  7. Approve standards for IT Infrastructure and ensure these standards are enforced.
  8. Approve, for submission to the policy development process, new or revised IT related policies.
  9. Advise the President on changes to the IT operational structure and levels of decentralization required for the most effective use of Memorial’s IT staff and the mandate of all units, Computing and Communications (C&C) and others.
  10. Establish performance and capacity levels for Memorial’s IT operations. Management of these levels, however, will be the responsibility of the operational units.
  11. Ensure that the principles and operation of Memorial’s IT Governance are well understood throughout the entire university.


The IMC is Co-chaired by the Vice-President (Academic) and the Vice-President (Administration and Finance).

Membership of the IMC is by invitation of the Chairs and consists of a broad range of units, including Faculty, Research, Library and Administrative support units.


The IMC is supported by two subcommittees:


February 11, 2011
April 1, 2011
May 6, 2011


Memorial’s Strategic Plan
IT Policies:


If you would like more information about the IMC or how to bring something to the IMC please contact Dallas Collins at