President's Report 2007

President's Message


Dr. Axel Meisen

From this report, the accompanying DVD and our website (, you will learn about Memorial University's diverse and remarkable activities over the past year. We have titled this year's report "Achievements and Transformations" because it characterizes our activities and reflects our new theme, Become. It speaks to our commitment to create a great future for our students and for our world, in a spirit of change, ingenuity and excellence.

Our principal accomplishment, and an accomplishment from which I personally take the greatest joy, is that we are graduating record numbers of students. Over 3,500 students completed their programs at Memorial University during the past year. They received not only a well-rounded education but many have also acquired highly specialized skills. Our graduates are well placed to enter the modern world of work, or, if they prefer, to continue advanced studies at the best universities of the world.

To bring Memorial University to the attention of prospective students, we have developed an innovative recruitment campaign based on the highly popular "Rant" video format. This format was developed by Dr. Rick Mercer, one of our recent honorary doctorate recipients, and it signals Memorial University's creative approach to education, research and other forms of scholarship.

During the past year, we developed a new Strategic Plan, a summary of which is included in this report. The plan commits the university to growth, including increased enrolments, and to a stronger focus on students.

This is my last report as president since I will complete my term in 2008. During the past eight years, we have seen a major increase instudent enrolment (from 16,000 in 1999/2000 to 18,123 in 2007/2008), the creation of many new programs, including doctoral programs in Education, Music and Business, and the construction and modernization of many facilities such as the Smallwood Student Centre, Inco Innovation Centre, Field House and Petro-Canada Hall. Our research and other scholarly activities have grown substantially and we have increased our research income from approximately $35 million per year to $90 million per year. Most of the funds are used in support of our students and they make a great contribution to the economy of our region. In addition to strengthening our basic programs, we have concentrated our efforts in areas that are key to the development of our province and country: oil and gas, minerals, health and well being, culture and heritage. Memorial University's future is bright and with the support of the people of the province, as well as its many alumni and friends around the world, I am confident that we will continue to hold a rightful place amongst the very best universities of the world.

President's Report Highlights

Cover of the President's Report Highlights

The President's Report Highlights is available as a downloadable PDF (8.1MB). If you would like to receive a printed copy, please contact:

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