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Music to our ears

Memorial University teamed up with the popular St. John's-based FESTIVAL 500 organization to produce a special recording of 38 choirs from nine countries around the world this past year. FESTIVAL 500: Choral Performances 2003 contains selected highlights, special concerts and interviews with participants of the festival including Grammy award-winning composer Bobby McFerrin, who performed at the event. The CD was released in February. Below are six selections from that CD.

Festival 500 Choral Performances 2003

Produced by: Memorial University of Newfoundland, FESTIVAL 500 Corporation and Douglas Dunsmore

Sound: Marshall Arts Productions

Editing and Selection: Douglas Dunsmore, Susan Knight and Ki Adams

Track and Time

1. Rajaton, Butterfly - 4:25

2. Tallinn Boys' Choir, Oh Mina Väike Mehikene - 3:25

3. Romanian Radio Children's Choir, Tocatia - 1:50

4. Darbazi, Elesa - 2:20

5. Queensland Youth Choir, Tunggare - 2:20

6. Newfoundland Symphony Youth Choir, The Ballad of Skipper Knight - 4:25